Why I Started Blogging

My first blog, Giveaway Bandit, started in 2011. It was created as a fun outlet for my son to create a funny character to make a few videos on YouTube. Of course in the back of my mind I thought it would be great if the blog succeeded, but I would never have dreamed it would be where it is today with so many social media fans and thousands of monthly viewers.

I started by doing some fun reviews of products I already had and gave away some small prizes. Within days I started to see our traffic and fan base rapidly increase. In a few short weeks I was already getting contacted by companies to do reviews and host giveaways. I had never given any thought about companies contacting us!

I now work with companies to market their products by doing reviews, giveaways, social media campaigns and more. i have already worked with such companies as Walmart, Chick-fil-A, Disney, Sprint and GM.

I quickly decided that I needed to learn how to monetize my blog and within a few months was starting to receive an extra income. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and self-discipline to run a successful blog. Blogging is not a way to get rich quick!

The best part of it all is that I get to enjoy time with my family. I get to teach our son valuable lessons online and how to start his own online business. He loves creating videos and is learning how to start his own blog at age ten.

I joined several different Facebook group and blog networks over time. I met so many great bloggers online and at in-person events. I quickly decided helping other bloggers was something I wanted to do. So, over the past few years I created Social Harmony Group. I want to help other bloggers and influencers succeed and learn how to make money online. I want to help you work from home, get your kids out of daycare and enjoy your lives with your family and friends. The Social Harmony Club is a network for influencers and bloggers to learn. I will also connect you with brands!

Sep, 21, 2015