How to Host a Giveaway on Your Blog

Host a Giveaway on Your Blog

I get asked by new bloggers a lot how they can host a giveaway on their own blog. There is a number of ways you can do this but I'll share the methods I have used that have given me the best results.

        1. Giveaway Widget. There are many different giveaway widgets that are very easy to use. You simply enter your giveaway details, entry options, end date and eligibility. You are then given a code to embed the widget for that giveaway on your site. Be sure you click the "Text" instead of "Visual" on your wordpress post when entering your code. I use and They are free and offer very affordable options.
        2. Comment Entry. Sometimes I go old school and use comments as an entry method. Honestly, most of my fans prefer this method. Post the entry options at the end of your giveaway post and say comment to gain an entry for each option. Entry options can be answering a questions, social media (comment on FB page, follow twitter, etc.). Be sure you have them leave their email address or you might have a hard time getting in touch with the winner.
        3. Social Media Options. Instead of hosting the giveaway on your blog you can offer a giveaway on one of your social networks. For example, use twitter to offer a prize to whoever retweets the tweet and follows you.


All of them can offer excellent results but keep in mind your prize. You will get a lot more entries for cash than a product no one has heard of before. I always suggest if you are trying to promote a new product then add a cash prize to accompany the product. In return you will get much more exposure. Not all entrants will be interested in learning about the product you're promoting but instead wanting to win a prize. You have to be sure you promote the product in a way you are informing entrants instead of only flashing a cash prize in front of their eyes.

Have you had success with giveaways in the past? If so, share your secrets below!

Sep, 15, 2015