How to Get Products to Review

Over the past few years since I started blogging I have had the opportunity to review so many amazing things like a mattress, vehicles, toys, clothing, electronics and even travel to some amazing places. Questions I get asked the most are how do you get products to review and can you get me something to review?

First of all, No! Bloggers can not get you item after item to review. Quit asking them! I have had people review things for me in the past and most of the time it ends up hurting the relationship. They end up taking the item and I never hear another thing of it or they take months to get a review to you. Plus, we have to pay taxes on the items we receive from companies!

How to Get Products to Review

Okay, back to the original reason I am writing this post. Review items can be very easy to get from companies. First, start your blog and show you have a steady stream of traffic. You don't have to have thousands of readers every month but they want to see you are a serious blogger. Second, get your social media networks going and interacting with your followers. Companies want to see your followers are engaged with your content.

Once you have your blog started, start contacting companies. Just ask! Ask them if you can receive their product in exchange for a review on your blog. Many companies welcome the opportunity to have their products reviewed. Start with small items at first and work your way up. Make sure you complete your reviews in a timely manner and follow up with the company. Some companies will even offer a second item for you to offer as a giveaway to your followers. Make sure you ask them to send out the giveaway item so you aren't out for shipping costs.

It really is very simple.

If you're a niche blog, be sure you are reviewing products that fit your blog. For example, if you're a food blogger you can review new cooking or baking tools. If you're a mommy blogger you can review a variety of items for your family.

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Sep, 21, 2015