30 Effective Social Media Tactics You Should Be Doing

Are you being effective with your social media tactics? Are you getting enough followers, shares or comments? Did you know that more than 2 billion people have social media accounts? 2 billion! If you could reach a small fraction of those people it can make a world of difference to your blog or product you are selling.

It can be really hard getting started with social media. Not only do you need to get your social media up and running but you also have to keep managing to make it effective. It takes a lot of time. I know a lot of bloggers hire a VA or someone to manage their social media. That's great but I have always felt this is something the blog owner should do. Relate to your fans. Make it more personable for them. Try these 30 effective social media tactics to start getting more followers, shares and comments.

30 Effective Social Media Tactics

  1. Optimize Pages and Profiles. Make sure you are using relevant keywords so they will get discovered via search.
  2. Create Branded Pages. Make sure your profile pages are cohesive with great photos, backgrounds and colors.
  3. Determine Interests of Users. You can easily find user interests in social media data. This can be a key to your next promotion.
  4. Share Photos of Yourself and Team. I see so many bloggers and influencers that shy away from showing a picture of themselves. Your followers want to relate to you and get to know you. Showing them a picture of you, your family or your team is a great way to connect. They want to know who's behind that computer far, far away. Don't worry about getting professional photos. I think candid shots are the best.
  5. Learn From Leaders. This is something I want to help others do. I want to teach you how to be a blogger, a better blog and influencer with Social Harmony Club. It is my goal to help others work from home doing something they love. You can also observe bigger brands and leaders in your niche to see how they are engaging their customers and/or readers.
  6. Post Frequently. If you aren't posting every day, it's a good idea to post at the same time and day every week. I suggest posting at least five times every day on Twitter. You can post less on Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest such as once a day or more.
  7. Use Hashtags. I like using #SHG (Social Harmony Group) when I share on social media so I can track for my site but get creative with your hashtags. I have noticed using more in Instagram has helped with interaction, hearts and comments. You can use the Tags for Likes app to generate more hashtags for a topic on Instagram. Be sure you leave the additional hashtags in a comment on your Instagram post.
  8. Build Relationships. Reach out to other bloggers and influencers. I see so many people afraid to do this because they see it as competition. You would be surprised at how much other bloggers can help you and vice versa. Be careful though. I had one blogger use me for my expertise and then suddenly we were no longer cyber friends. Don't get used but instead build helpful relationships.
  9. Use Great Images. Use images that users will share and notice. Using great images will make you and your brand standout.
  10. Be Friendly and Approachable. Leave the corporate conversation at the office. Your readers want to get to know you so be yourself and have a conversation with them.
  11. Get to the Point. Don't ramble. Be precise with your points. Users scroll through the news feeds at an alarming rate. Be sure you are short, to the point and stand out.
  12. Don't be Spammy. Share a mixture of your own links and other links. Your readers will quickly look at you as a spammer if you are only promoting yourself.
  13. Be Authentic. Share your knowledge, own experiences and sense of humor. Readers love to get to know YOU.
  14. Ask Questions. You will get more engagement if you ask your follwers questions.
  15. Run Contests and Giveaways. I do these all the time on Giveawaybandit.com. It is a great way to make things more exciting for your followers.
  16. Create Collages. I see collages more and more on social media, especially Instagram. You can share collages of illustrations and different style photos.
  17. Perfect Timing. Use your social media data and analytics tools to perfect your timing. My followers are most active in the morning, late afternoon and evening. I tend to post more at these times because I know I will get more engagement.
  18. Interact. Be active with fans in real-time. Respond to questions and take part in conversations with your fans.
  19. Follow-Up. When someone does not follow-up with you it can be very frustrating. Be sure when someone follows you, follow-up with them. Appreciate your fans and they will engage!
  20. Monitor and Respond. Monitor any mentions of your brand on social media. Be sure to respond to the feedback even if it's bad.
  21. Create Event Pages. Creating an event with a specific hashtag is a great way to interact with fans. You can stream video and then publish content from the event.
  22. Offer Special Deals. You can offer members-only special deals to your followers to show them love. It will help build loyalty and create sharing via word of mouth.
  23. Popups. I have mixed feelings about popups. I used one once but took it down because I do not like them myself when I go to pages. Many marketing experts claim they will double their social traffic with pop-ups that ask for followers. I might try it again in the future.
  24. Ration Yourself. Don't spread yourself too thin by joining too many networks and groups. I am in so many Facebook groups that I have narrowed down a few that I've added to my favorites.
  25. Check Analytics. You can check your Google Analytics to determine where your traffic is coming from and going to. I get a lot of traffic from Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.
  26. Work as a Team. You can be more effective working as a team with social media.
  27. Be Patient. Don't expect major results over night. It takes time and patience to see results. Think long-term when it comes to social media.
  28. Keep Up with Changes. Social media networks change all the time. New ones are added all the time. I suggest jumping on new ones immediately if you think they are here to stay. You will be able to build a following quicker on new ones.
  29. Enjoy Yourself. Have fun with your social media. If you aren't have fun, it's not for you. I love what I do every day!
  30. Hire a Strategist. If you feel like your social media strategies aren't working, try hiring an expert to help you with your social media marketing. Oh, this is something we do too! If you are intersted please contact me personally melanie (at) socialharmonygroup (dot) com.

What are you doing to effectively optimize your social media? Share with us in the comments.