20 Instagram Apps to Make Your Photos Stand Out

Instagram is hands down my favorite social network. I always think of it as a more personable way to get to know others in their every day life. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words...

Some pictures are best left without a graphic at all but sometimes that's just not enough. Here are 20 instagram apps for great graphics to help you with your image sharing. If you are using instagram to market your business, adding graphics can be a good way to stand out from the crowd.

With the Tangent app you can easily transform your photos into one-of-a-kind works of art. It offers 44 unique shapes to frame or add to your photos. You can drag, zoom and rotate at will using standard iOS gestures. Choose from 66 patterns and fills to be overlayed on your photos. Combine with shapes, scale, rotate and position at will. Colorize your creations with a huge palette to choose from including many popular blend modes for layering.
Available at the App Store. $1.99

Tangent Instagram App

Make photos magic with Aviary. You can make your photos beautiful in seconds with stunning filters, frames, stickers, touch-up tools and more.
Available on Google Play and the App Store. Free

Aviary Instagram App

LensFlare is a must have app for any photographer or designer looking for the best in optical effects.
Available in the App store. $1.99

Lensflare Instagram app

pxl allows you to create abstract compositions out of your own photos! You get to choose between 11 different unique styles, pinch to change the image resolution or shake your device to randomly compile an image out of all possibilities available.
Available in the App store. $1.99

Just with a few taps, create professional grade superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPhone! You don't need a computers and expensive software to superimpose or cut/copy/paste one photo on top of another any more.
Available in the App Store. $0.99

superimpose instagram app

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Sep, 11, 2015