10 Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

In addition to product reviews and giveaways, I also post family friendly freebies, samples, daily deals, and a few coupons on my blogs. Some of the links I post are through affiliate marketing, which means every time a reader clicks on that offer it generates an income for me. Check out Affiliate Programs for Bloggers to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to drive traffic to your blog.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog:

1 - Giveaways. Giveaways are my specialty. They can create an excellent source for traffic and new followers. I prefer to use a specific product that attracts my demographic. By doing this I don't attract as many people that would just come to my site for a giveaway and not continue reading the great content we also offer. I'll teach you my secrets, tips and tricks on creating giveaways that generate a high volume of traffic and can increase your social media followers.

2 - Social Media. Social media is an excellent source for traffic. We will teach you ways on how to increase interaction and click-thru rates on your social media later on. Twitter is one of my favorite social media networks because of its simplicity. Pinterest is excellent for sharing recipes, crafts and other diy tips.

3 - Add Value. Why should users visit your blog instead of another blog in the same niche? What sets you apart? Add value to your content so they keep coming back for more.

4 - Use Your Email. Gather emails from your fans and send out weekly or daily newsletters highlighting your new blog posts. Be sure you are also utilizing a signature in your emails. You never know who you might send an email to that clicks on your blog link in your email signature. A new fan, that's who.

5 - Network. Check out our blog networking tips on how you can start networking with others to build a bigger blog audience. You can also network through social media and join Facebook groups. Don't forget word of mouth. Share your blog link with your friends and family.

6 - Interact on Other Blogs. Comment on other blogs in your same niche. Be sure to leave relevant comments. Many blogs let you link to your website when you are leaving a comment. Use this to your advantage. Interaction on social media is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

7 - Social Sharing Sites. Sites like Reddit, Buzzfeed and Stumbleupon can be excellent sources for traffic. Familiarize yourself with these sites.

8 - Internal Links. Be sure to go back through old blog posts and link relevant content to one another. For example, above I linked blog networking tips to another article on this blog. The idea is that users will also click on that link to read that post. It's also great for SEO.

9 - Content and SEO. Be sure the content and SEO for your blog is relevant. Search on google to get an idea and examples of keywords that would work for your blog.

10 - Be Consistent. Don't give up. Keep networking and working to improve your content. Share, share and share some more on social media. Be consistent with posting content and sharing on social media. Followers like to see consistency when it comes to blog posting. Plus, they won't easily forget about your blog when you are posting fresh content every week or every day.

The free samples are often from companies like Bounce, Tide, or other well-known companies. If I use “Free Tide Laundry Detergent Sample” as a title, I am using a highly searched brand for laundry detergent. This generates new traffic from search engines to my blog. I can use my sidebar to advertise my giveaways in hopes that this visitor will click through and navigate to other pages on my website.

I also spend a lot of time keep tracking on my facebook feed of new freebies and deals that companies may post throughout the day. To see these in my Facebook news feed I have to already ‘like’ the company’s page. You can also work with other blogs to keep track of free samples that are coming soon.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Feb, 26, 2015